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Karate School Information


All Priceless Martial Arts Studio members are introduced to everything that we offer.  We encourage you to sit in on a class so you can see our training & teaching style. For more information on classes, please call 513-771-3315.

Modern / Traditional


Our facility houses some of the most modern equipment to help develop our students training in a complete and well-rounded knowledge of TANG SOO DO.  Our safety equipment and body protection gear are Top Notch. The students safety is our top priority.  Because when they feel safe, they can trust, and when they can trust, they can learn.


We also carry ourselves and teach our students in the traditional ways of respect, technique, and patterns.  These are the foundations of  TANG SOO DO and help our students become true Champions.



"Tang Soo Do" is the Korean pronunciation of the Chinese characters 唐手道 (Tang Shou Dao),[2] and translates literally to "Chinese hand way" (the "Tang" refers to the Tang Dynasty). Similar characters are pronounced "karate-dō" in Japanese. The first character, 唐, which initially referred to China, was later changed to 空 by Gichin Funakoshi to signify "empty," rather than "China" 空手道—thus Kong Shou Dao. The Korean pronunciation of these characters is "Kong Soo Do"). Outside of the Far East, the term "Tang Soo Do" has primarily become synonymous with the Korean martial art promoted by grandmaster Hwang Kee.

We Build ~ Champions


Here at Priceless Martial Arts we take pride in giving our students, young & older, the mental and physical ​discipline it takes to be a Champion in Martial Arts and in life.  Our teaching and training go far beyond the Dojo. We help them understand that hard work and dedication pays off in every part of their lives.

Being a Champion is not how big of a trophy you've earned, but how you feel about your self worth and the ability to inspire others with your positive attitude towards life.  And of course being able to throw a targeted heel to anyone trying to attack you is always a plus!  :)

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